Use iMapBuilder as a flight route map maker

If you need to create a flight route map, or a travel map showing flight Destinations, there is an easy and quick way you can do it using iMapBuilder.

us air route mapInteractive travel map with lines

iMapBuilder (for Windows) comes with a wide range of map templates including country maps, state maps or county maps. These maps are based on HTML5, which means they can be view online, or offline (with no Internet connection) on all sorts of devices from PC, Mac to Mobile.

By using iMapBuilder, you could do the following by simply point-and-click actions:

1. Pinpoint locations, e.g. pinpoint local airports, International airports, private airports etc.

2. Add labels / annotation with each location (showing on mouse over)

3. Draw routes by using straight lines or curves with different colors

Here is a video tutorial on Youtube showing how to create the air route map.

In case you need to show a more detail map showing all the cities, streets, mountains, you can consider use iMapBuilder Online which is a custom Google Map builder.


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