Use clustering to display large set of data on Google Map

Sometimes you might need to display a large set of data on Google map, and if you pinpoint every data point using a marker the map would soon be flooded by markers overlapping each other.

For example, you might need to display a map showing all the properties available for rent/sell, or a map showing information on historic mine, oil and gas locations.

For such cases, it would be very difficult to see all the markers, distinguish from each other, unless you zoom into a very detail level of the map.

One solution for this is to use ‘Clustering’. Clustering is a way to group pinpoints on the map based on factors such as proximity or category. This makes the map leaner, cleaner, and easier navigate.

Here is an example of map with clustered data points

interactive map with cluster data points

When you click on a “cluster”, it will automatically zoom in and display all the data points within that cluster. And every data point can associate with an info box to display further details about the marker.

map displaying an info box on click users, find out about this clustering feature available in your map builder.


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