Need to create a heat map? What type of heat map?

We often have users who visited our website, and download iMapBuilder because they found us by searching the term ‘heat map maker’, or ‘heat map software’. However there are many different types of heat maps.

For iMapBuilder, the heap map it creates is for visualization purpose, and are mainly used for geographical presentation of data values by using colors. It is often referred to as ‘Choropleth Map’, for example, a heat map showing United State president election results by states.

The following is a sample heat map to show the sales growth in different markets of Europe.

These type of heat map helps to convert data sets, small or big, into a context that’s easy for viewers to understand in presentation.

However when searching online, the term ‘heat map’ are often commonly refer to a web utility, which can let webmasters visualize where visitors clicks on website, and provides analytic for usability test such as A/B testing. We often have users asked if iMapBuilder can be used for this purpose. Sorry but it is really a different type of heat map, and iMapBuilder is designed for creating interactive geographical maps.


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