Quickly create an interactive US Map with States and their 2 letters Abbreviations

50 States of US with AbbreviationsMany iMapBuilder users need to create an United States maps from time to time for their presentation and data visualization purposes. A common request is to create a map showing the 50 States of US with abbreviations.

By default iMapBuilder’s map template is a blank map which let you add your own map labels, mouse-over effects and tooltip boxes. However if you simply want to display the default abbreviations for the 50 states of US, you can do this with just 1-click.

add state names and abbreviations to map

As show on the left image, you can Show or hide the name or abbreviation of the regions on your selected map template, by toggle to show or hide the region names or abbreviations. This works for the US Map template, World Countries map, European map, and many other map templates in iMapBuilder’s map gallery.

Simply find this option under the Map Features section in Map Properties panel. You may also use the Regions Abbreviation Style button to change the font style and color of the names.

If you prefer to use your own map labels or abbreviations, you can click the Data Grid button to see the list of default map labels, and edit the text in Data Grid Mode.


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