US map showing all 50 states and counties (on a single map)

We sometimes receive request from customer for an US map showing all the states, and all the counties, on a single map.

A county is a political and geographic subdivision of a state. According to Wikipedia, there are 3,143 counties and county equivalents of the United States of America as of July 1, 2013. The number of counties per state ranges from the three counties of Delaware to the 254 counties of Texas.

an us map showing all the 50 states with all counties To create (generate) and display all that 3000+ counties on a single map is possible, but if you have a slow computer, the display time might take you a while. The thumbnail image on the right shows how the map would look alike — with lots of tiny areas which can hardly been seen.

The original version was created using Adobe Flash, which means it can be viewed in most web browser with flash plug-in and you can zoom into the map without losing its resolutions. Each county is a separate object on the map which can have its own color, link, label, and pop-up text settings.  If you like to see the live version, check out:

At this moment a HTML5 version is already in development. If you are a developer and are interested in seeing a beta version, feel free to leave us a message.


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