Use the right map software solution: don’t shoot sparrows with a cannon

Business mapping can be a complex task, and could involve advance GIS which uses digital technology to help people work with geographic information.

There are different mapping software solutions which assist people to collect, categorize, analyze, visualize, and represent geographic data, or information related to geographical locations. Mapping software offer solutions which incorporates geography, cartography, spatial analysis, and fields such as geovisualization, geodesy, geocomputation, cognition, and computer science.

If all these mapping terms sound too complicated to you, they probably are. For most individual home users, they just need to use map to find directions, locations, or an address quickly — and Google Map or Open Street map is all they need for such purpose.

Even for most business, maps are often used on website or presentation to present country or state level information quickly. For example, a world map to show the headquarters of a company in different continents. Or a sales map which uses different level of color to show the market share of a product in each of the 50 states in the United States.

A clean world countries map
Clean World Map
For both cases, a clean world countries map or an United States map created using iMapBuilder, showing just the countries or states boundaries, with labels and annotation would be sufficient for the purpose of presenting information clearly and quickly.

A map with too much details might just confuse your website visitors and make it more difficult for them to spot the information right away. For the cases mentioned above, it is really not necessary to show a detail map showing all the roads, streets, cities, towns, mountains, rivers, etc. Though detail is usually helpful, it can be overdone.

There is a right mapping tool for every map project. Don’t shoot sparrows with a cannon.


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